Wednesday, 1 February 2012

no rinse

We are not being paid to plug this product, however I thought I'd make mention of it for the benefit of other vain women hikers planning to be without access to washing faciliites for ages, and for those who want to grimace and get grossed-out at me and Rosie.

No Rinse is a liqid shampoo that you lather into your hair without water and then rub your hair with a towel to allow the poor towel (which has done nothing wrong) to soak up the grease and sweat and bird poo and whatever else is there. *

Yuck. But undeniably a better prospect than the slicked head of grossness that we will be cultivating otherwise. So I think we get 2 goes each and will be able to actually wash in water, like real people, once we are back down in reasonable altitude and climes, around day 11.

* I understand you can wash the towel - we will have water, it will just be so freezing that we won't want to go near it with our bodies; and may have to hammer the ice out of the towel as it attempts to dry.

What may have been cheaper would be getting a number 1 all over and not worrying about any of this business.


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