Saturday, 4 February 2012

last ever walk!

After a luxurious lie-in this morning, I met Jess, Tai, Will and Rosie for our last ever training walk this morning. We strolled for 3 hours in the bitter cold sunshine across Wimbledon Common and up to the frozen lakes in Richmond Park.

Turns out skimming a chunk of ice across a frozen lake makes the most sensational noise - we were rapt for some long time!

and the best part of the day was wandering into Wimbledon Village where we ate a slap-up dinner (plenty of carbs for me and Rosie - carb loading as we are). We were joined by Tom and Kasia too, which was fab!

too cute pic of the love birds, and of me and Rosie too.

Love these pics: normal nice people in normal colours + addition of mental blonde in mad colour

Can't believe there are only 5 sleeps left! arghhhhh! so just a quiet weekend ahead - mostly hanging out with my best bro Tom.

Then a short work week where I'll do my utmost to concentrate on work.

Wednesday looks like a cake fest (thanks Janu and all the lovlies at the office xxxx) and then we are off on Thursday! Woooo


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