Sunday, 5 February 2012

4 sleeps left!

Can't believe it is this week already! Only four sleeps left till we (hopefully) head off to Nepal.

I say Hopefully, as it has snowed today and heathrow has broken. If they can get it up and running in time, and all those nice other planes out of the way by the time we supposed to head off, all will be good. If not, I will consider writing a strongly worded note to Mr Heathrow to ask him to kindly get his shit together.

So Rosie and I are doing last minute preparations, like going to Blacks for a few last things and finding they have no stock at all. That's dead helpful that.

At this moment, I am studiously putting lots of my fav songs onto my shabby MP3 player so I can power myself up those horrid steep bits when I need to. Bit of Parov Stelar, Justice and Young Punx, for the happy skippy times, and a little Foo Fighters and Rage for when I need power. Why not chuck in a splash of Kylie and pinch of Skindred, just to mix it up a little bit. Definately a recipe for success, and something for every mood.

I also have some Sherlock Holmes on audio book, thanks to the Hassinator who listens to them in his car to great effect. I have heard a couple and would definately recommend them! Sounds like an easy way to get a story before sleep without expending the knackering energy needed to read by headtorch-light.

almost all set!


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