Monday, 30 January 2012

Dodging the hiking branch of the fashion police

I think Rosie and I are almost there with the gear we need to take on the trip. It's only next week, after all.

When Ranulph Fiennes went up the Eiger for Marie Curie a few years ago (, one of the PR team brought back her gear which Rosie and I are borrowing - the best sleeping bag and down jacket known to science. Thank you very much!

I think we both need to find sunglasses, but I don't know anything about what is required of a pair of shades 5000m in the air:- UV, obvs. Polarised? Category 4 or just 3 - I can only find 3 in the shops. Wrap-around? will it matter if they make me look a twat? probably dent my confidence so much I crack and fail to summit. nothing worse.

I tried out my new walking trews that Mountain Warehouse gave us for the trip - they are fab! Good fit, good length. I realise the trews I have been wearing so far are ankle-swingers, so it is lucky the hiking arm of the fashion police are pretty busy elsewhere, judging by this from Saturday.

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  1. Wow nearly time ....seems to have come v quickly all of a sudden.
    Get the strongest protection glasses you can afford, airports are good for that. Doesn't matter if you look a twat, is better than blindness.... But you may also want to wear them on your next high altitude trip so perhaps not too much of a twat!
    How very exciting