Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kinder surprise

We are off to Derbyshire tomorrow afternoon to get run up and down some peaks - can't wait!

My wonderful sister Anne and her fab fiance Ben are proper outdoor action man and woman and will show us how it's done. They told me all I needed to know about kit, and now Rosie and I have a bit more of an idea of what it entails, what it might be like and what the problems might be, it is going to be invaluable mining their brains for even more knowledge. Plus I can show off my shiny new kit*...

Still concerning us are: bad tummy. feeling sick. being sick. sleeping poorly. headaches. falling down. getting annoyed with each other. lethargy. aching limbs. not wanting to eat.

So actually giving up booze should be the last thing I do when seemingly I need to get used the feeling of an awful whiskey hangover...

So hopefully they can bolster our confidence while we are hiking up Kinder, the most chocolatey of the peaks, or Mam Tor, the most matronly of the peaks. Or wherever we are going.


*the incredibly bright green jacket which you have either laughed at me in, or have seen in photos was Anne and Ben's instigation. and I LOVE IT.

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