Sunday, 8 January 2012

wild is the wind

after an extremely hospitable welcome from Anne and Ben on Friday, and the sad news that Anne couldn't join us to walk as she had to work, Ben planned a walking route taking in two big looping walks encompassing Mam Tor and then Kinder Scout. the first loop, At about 8 miles, and the second around 10. Rosie is staying with the lovely Harriet in Sheffield, so at 8.52 sharp Ben and I met Rosie off the train in Edale. we strode straight up onto the hill and into the full gale force of the wind. Rosie was trying out her walking poles for the first time, slightly resembling bambi with un controllable legs for the first hour or so, then using them under full control, striding out. we limped into Castleton after about 3 hours of battling into the wind for a nutty and a cup of tea to restore us, then bravely marched on. As we climbed the peak of Mam Tor itself, we were pretty much blown sideways off our feet and were forced to turn back and go around instead. Damn you Mam Tor, we'll get you next time. We can well understand why it is known as the shivering mountain. all in all we only managed half the walk, but with twice the effort than normal, so a great work out. And if we can walk in that wind, we can do anything! my eyes are so puffy from tears, it looks like I've been punched. Anne says if Rosie goes out again in the wind this morning she would do well to put tins of beans in her pockets to weigh her down. Another walk today, then lunch with Anne, and time for a sleep on the train!

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