Sunday, 11 December 2011

mountains of cake

We had a wonderful last event this afternoon - a room full of lovely ladies eating all of the cake and crust-less sandwiches, drinking tea and pink fizz. Thank you everyone who came and donated towards our now incredible 81% of the total! Can't believe we have got here already, and it feels amazing!

The gorgeous ladies from The Body Shop came to make us over (picture of me and hot honey Emilie - wow - new purple eyes look is, um, startling??!) and give relaxing hand massages: thank you so much!

The mountain of cakes from Blueberry Hill was staggering and delicious! Thank you Ella and Rachel for making our do so special! Home made jam for the wonderful scones; heart-shaped vicoria sponges; melting double-choc brownies to name but a few treats. Want to plug them again:

Thank you also to Paul the bakery in Clapham Junction for the lovely fruit tarts. Yum. Also, of course the most fab chocs ever made - L'Artisan Du Chocolat provided that last wafer thin mint. But not in a gross exploding way. And thanks to hosts Charlie and Mary who were brilliant yet again.

Apologies for the terrible photography, but you get the idea!

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