Sunday, 11 December 2011

The day after the walk before

seriously this time. ouch.

Dan, Daz, Chris, Josh, Will and I kicked the Epsom Downs' ass yesterday. 20 miles of good size hills and some fantastic giant chalky mud puddles which tried to punish Dan for being chivalrous as he helped me across them...

Will complained at Daz's route which was gratutitously creating hills for the fun of it: going all the way down just to go all the way up again and pop out on the same trail just yards away from where we started.

Those fellas are really strong and fit, but we all eventually made it in amazing time - 6.25 hours later and enjoyed a well-deserved pint in the pub next to the racetrack.

Today, however, I am made out of stiff. Not in a good way.

This was us, half way - at Boxhill, taking our only 10 minute break all day.

Well done and thanks fellas, for route-marching me all that way - great training walk! Good luck to Chris, who is climbing Kilimanjaro in January; and good luck to Josh, Dan and Daz who are training for a crazy-ass difficult mud yomp - the Four Inns Walk (I think) in March

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