Thursday, 3 November 2011

run run as fast as you can

I started a new training regime this week. (short attention span, perhaps?)

Feeling the pressure from all the well-wishers at the recent pub quiz, and my pals at work, who keep asking me "hows the training going?" which I love of them, except that my answer is always so rubbish - um yeah, it's going ok I think.

Especially as my butt is as big as it was when Rosie and I signed up for this thing - I need to show, and more importantly feel, some serious progress, if I am going to obtain the (mostly mental) strength to get up this hill.

So, anyhoo, I started this thing, on top of my gym visits and long walks with Vicki every Tuesday - NHS couch to 5K -

Its a series of 9 podcasts that you download to your MP3 player and play to yourself 3 times a week. The nice lady called Laura tells you how marvellous you are, and times you running/walking/warming up/down etc and gradually builds up to running for half an hour. The music is abominable, unsubtly optimistic and life-changing in nature and it's all a bit faintly brain-washy. But I'm not complaining.

So far I have done 2 sessions (Laura tells me I am doing really well - I'll have you know). I feel proud of myself.

Cousin Alice told me all about it, and raved about how great it is, but hasn't done more than week one, so we will have to see how it goes!



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