Sunday, 6 November 2011

hopping over the Irish Sea to meet the gang

I popped over, with our MCCC reps Dee and Arlene, to Belfast yesterday to meet the rest of the gang who are coming on this foolhardy escapade.

Dom, our experienced trek leader was there to tell us all about it, answer my zillion questions and generally make everything better. With 12 years in the Marines, then the rest in high-powered business and charity (including as Dir of Ops of RSPCA, then CE of the Samaritans!) he gives a comforting and knowledgable air. I am happy to be stranded up a mountain with him in charge. *
                                                                                                     *although he does talk about poo a lot.

The rest of the gang (aside from the amazing maniacs currently in New York running the marathon...?!) seem lovely, lively and really interesting. The trek is going to be fun, and I think we are going to be able to offer each other a lot of much needed support along the way. There will be 20 of us in all, and hopefully we will be able to find a wekend for a training hike altogether. A load of the others belong to a fundraising group, who between them are taking part in dozens of challenges and activities to raise money and are hoping to smash a target of £100K betwen the 10 of them. Amazing - good luck! One of them, Cathy, went on TV to tell the world about their challenge, which another participant saw and signed himself up too! What great publicity!

Rosie is having a ball in Berlin this weekend, so I took pages of notes to tell her all about everything.*
                                                                                                                                    *especially about poo.
I hope I don't freak her out too much. Bit late now.


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