Friday, 11 November 2011

supper club saturday night

REALLY looking forward to getting cracking on the prep for tomorrow night's supper club - Rosie and I are cooking for 18 wonderfull guests, including our folks and the amazing Barry and Paul, as well as lots of Charlie and Mary's friends.

We have managed to come up with the impossible - a menu that doesn't cost the earth (otherwise there'd be very little point in doing it), seems quite flash and not too difficult to make. Only thing left now is not to mess it up by over-salting, burning, drying, losing, spilling...

  • starter: stuffed mushrooms and a cruchy rocket and radish salad - and a glass of dry white wine
  • main course: coq au vin, braised red cabbage, greens and potatoes gratin (with the coq au vin replaced by a red onion tartlet for our one marvellous veggie guest) - and a glass of light red wine
  • pudding: red fruit cheesecake with jelly on top - and a glass of fuity white wine
  • cheese course: with apple, celery and homemade chutney - and a glass of deep red wine
  • coffee and THE most amazing and beautiful chocs very kindly donated by L'Artisan do Chocolate - their salted caramels are to die for.... scrummy
that should keep the gang entertained for a while....

Thanks again to Charlie and Mary for hosting this wonderful event - it's going to be super fun!


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