Sunday, 30 October 2011

pub quiz report and total!


In total we raised £1369 at the incredible mountain mensa pub quiz!

what am amazing night - a room full of generous, fun and joyful people came together to enjoy the fantastic quiz that Robbie had put together for us. Jim was a fantasic MC - keeping the questions rolling and egging everyone on - Thank you Jim - we love you!

The Emily's round, (bronte, earheart, dickinson, blunt, etc) in recognition of cousin Emily's birthday went down well. Tom also wanted some halloween dressing up, but Rosie and I thought perhaps that might be squeezing in a theme too many...? Thank you to Tom for doing the great music!

51 (same number as our last pub quiz - spooky?) lovely people came, and made the raffle an incredible success; with the beautiful Emilie snatching the top prize - a gorgeous French Connection frock. The handsome Joe won second prize - tickets to see the (see it to believe it) Elvis in concert show at Wembley; and another 10 lucky people won other prizes including the extremely rude Ann Summers "goodie" bag... don't tell your mother.

The quiz itself came to a nail-biting tie breaker situation between The Fogies and Dave's a Trosser for first place. Happily Robbie had prepared some exquisite and weird questions for this eventuality which saw The Fogies win with an anatomy question, luckily for GP Gerard! Well done brains of Lambeth!

The promises auction was a feast of generous favours from the many and multi-skilled people in the room - from cake baking to salsa to holiday accommodation to carpentry; won by generous and lucky bargain-hunters. Some items didn't fetch nearly what they were worth, but that's the thrill of an auction house; and every little helps our fundraising. Barry, our high-excitement and hilarious auctioneer, kept the crowd whipped to a bidding frenzy. Including poor gesticulating Joe, who didn't realise he'd pledged for an adult CPR course. But how handy...

Thank you again to everyone who came and made the evening such a success! Together we raised an amazing £1369 for Marie Curie which will tip our fundraising progress to 50% (once you have all paid up via please)



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