Thursday, 9 February 2012

Trek Day!

Today is trek day! I have finished packing and obsessing - I'm only over my luggae allowance a little bit... so just gethering my thought and saying ta-ra and then Tom is going to help me to Heathrow to meet the gang. So excited!

just to give a flavour of what we will be experiencing, this is a little video of the hair-raising flight into Lukla, where it is forecasr to be 17 degree and sunny on Saturday when we get there - how nice.

and this weather report is for base camp - we are aiming to get there on the 20th or thereabouts.

another layer? don't mind if I do...

not sure if we wil be able to update the blog while we are on the road, so might be back on here is 2 weeks.



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