Monday, 16 January 2012

sick as a dog - literally

So Rosie and I have both now had a shot for rabies. Poor Rosie was struck down by feverishness a day after her shot (colleague's comment in the office - "you don't look right"), so I have something to look forward to tomorrow.

I'll try and go for a run at lunchtime to speed things up a bit - my theory being that you do some exercise to get the goo circulating in the system to get it doing what it needs to do and finished.

Feeling fine at the moment though - I reckon it might be that all the snacks I have been officially trying out for the trip have given me a good base for dealing with the drugs.

By the way, so far I have learned: jerky: NO. biltong: YES. prunes: NO. raisins: Yes. snickers: YES YES YES!

I also accidentally popped into Sports Direct on my way home (guilty pleasure) and lost half an hour of my life, as always, in there. I found some fleece trousers to take for lounging. OMG - these are now my double guilty pleasure* - fleece bloody trousers??!! I used to hate fleece and now my whole world is built of it.

*Wearing them right now. So snuggly, and electric shocks are my fav.


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