Sunday, 15 January 2012

4 bags, 5 hatboxes, a suit carrier and my handbag

I am spending this afternoon limbering up to trying to cram all my gear into the 90 litre duffle bags I have borrowed from work for the trip.

I think the sleeping bag takes up about a third of the space in the bag, and I have no clue about the rest of my stuff as it is spread in an even 4inch layer around the rest of the house.

There is just so much stuff - water bottles and cleaning equipment, medicines, electricals like the headlamp and camera, walking poles, toiletaries in special bottles, hats and gloves and buffs, sleeping bag liner and mat, etc etc*

* notice this doesn't even get onto the clothes...!

I hope I can fit it all in and carry it. Needs to be under 13kg for the sherpas and Dom (trek king) says we should need so much less that 13kg.


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