Monday, 2 January 2012

North Downs episode 4

So a huge gang was out today for a very sunny new year walk around Box Hill today. We did 2 quick laps of the long walk and poor Dan was fighting a losing battle to convince us all to do another one as the cold and the dark drew in around 3.30.

great pic, mostly of my shadow. hoping Jess/Emma/Will's photos might be better...?

Best of luck to Chris, who is taking on Kilimanjaro in just a few weeks, and also all power to the boys' who are embarking on a 30 mile training hike next weekend in prep for their silly Derbyshire sore-knee-athon in March.

Speaking of Derbyshire - I can't wait to come up to walk with Anne and Ben this coming weekend - Rosie and I are going to see how its done ooop north!

I am also hoping my newly sore toes will go away magically... not a great sign for a two week walking challenge if it hurts when walking. What a fun new development.


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