Sunday, 22 January 2012

flight details

We have been sent our final packs from Marie Curie with details of our flights, some final things to think about, and a tee-shirt bearing the name of our trek to make us feel a team!

The flights have been given in local times, including the stop-over, which has confused me, so I thought I'd work out actually what they mean so we can get an idea of when to sleep and when to be awake to attempt combatting jetlag and be ready to trek first thing on the first day.

The flight from heathrow to abu dhabi is 7hrs; then it looks as though we get to enjoy 6hrs in the airport waiting for the final 4hr flight to Kathmandu.

So local time for us, we leave at 20.25 and arrive in Kathmandu about 17 hours later, about 2pm the next day (our time), which is actually about 8pm in Kathmandu.

This means ideally we would want to sleep from about an hour into the first flight and perhaps a nap during the stop in the airport. Not likely.

I think a good knckering run on the morning of the 9th to help me fall asleep as soon as I get on the plane! Being a bit knackered once we get there will be ok too as we need to pass out as soon as dinner is over at 10pm and be up and ready quick-sharp the next day and begin trekking. There is simply no time for jetlag!


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