Sunday, 4 December 2011

north downs way part 2

The North Downs Way is a huge ridge of hills which disrupts the south of England like a sleeping dragon from Farnham to Dover. It's also really close to London, and include some tall hills and some pubs - making it perfect for weekend training hikes.

Having already conquered part of the north downs way around Box Hill, I cleverly arranged for Will to cleverly arrange a day-long hike from Guildford to Dorking yesterday. Intrepid and fearless Jess, wonderful Harry (who was supposed to be in London for Vicki's birthday, but she had buggered off to the Brecon Beacons without us), and of course endlessly cheery yomp organiser Will and I set off at 9.30am. We set a good strong marching pace and didn't stop (except for that nice relaxed pub lunch, including some walk-incompatible pies and ale) until we limped quietly into Dorking at 4pm and made a beeline for the pub nearest the station.

We must have smashed 17 miles...? I am afraid to check in case it it less than we thought, as Dan (of cow fame, see post from ) has arranged a proper route-march for next Saturday across yet another part of the North Downs - longer and earlier and faster than yesterday. I am a little scared, but can't admit it to the other (except in this blog), but today has set a brilliant standard.

Thank you Will, Jess and Harry - you are fantastic walking company!!


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