Sunday, 4 December 2011

day two of two

Good old Harry - despite waking up this morning with a horrible streaming cold to add to the slight hangover from too much fun at Barry and Paul's dinner party last night, in addition to the aches and pains from yesterday's 17 mile route march; he bravely soldiered on to day two of the weekend's walking.

We headed out to Richmond for my favourite route - a gentle 2.5hr stroll back along the river, across Richmond Park, across Wimbledon Common and along the edge of Putney Heath to the bus stop home. Bit of rain, but check our the very flash kit we used to deal with it. We really weren't as miserable as the picture makes us look...

Now our feet hurt. Ow. But now my body now knows what it is like to wake up feeling unwell, get out and walk anyway and get over walking aches from the day before. It's a serious manning-up process. I have a feeling all of this will come in very handy in Nepal.


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