Friday, 23 December 2011

more more more

Rosie and I are going to gently approach the wonderful Liz to make some post-christmas tweaks to the wonderful book; including maybe (Liz's own idea) a different cover for edition 2 (just to ensure their invaluable place in history), and more and better photos of the family so we have everyone in there.

Poor Liz doesn't know this yet, and might attmpt to strangle me when I ask her to do a little mroe work on what has been a mammoth project for her. That remind me I still need to take her out...

We are aiming to have edition 2 by the end of Jan, in case anyone wants to put in an order. FYI they will be the same recipes. If (hardy har har) there ever is a volume 2, that might have other/different/more recipes/from wider family and friends; but for now we are still gloating about what we have put together for this one).


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