Tuesday, 20 December 2011

de-mob happy!

So excited that today was my last day in the office for a week. It was a bit festive, with a glass of fizz at lunchtime and very cheerful all round.


= this means that for a second day in a row I have not been able to convince my lazy ass to go running. Noooo!

So, day one of the xmas hols (tomorrow) involves a serious butt-whipping at the gym. Power! (this is the amazing 5-marathon in 5 months Sajid's catchphrase - thanks Saj - I'm feeling it bro)

Then I get to feel smug (and tired) and follow that with a nice lunch with my darling brother - where he is convincing his wonderful colleagues to buy our amazing recipe books (go on all of you at ODG - support us!!)

can't wait for festivites to begin. hic. oops - they already did! I do hope Paddy isn't reading this, he is convinced that I need to abstain for 6 months before the trek. Uh-oh - 7 weeks to go!


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