Friday, 14 October 2011

MCCC Pub Quiz!

Rosie and I are able to up our fundraising total to 26% today after an amazing pub quiz fundraiser last night.

Staff from all depts, volunteers, friends, family, friends of friends, bosses and even ex-staff came together to raise a staggering £489!

Thank you so much to everyone!

It was fun (well, I had fun and thats all that matters) and we raised a great amount.

The winners were "I'm a darby girl, in a darby world" (i loved that name, so you are keeping it). Congratulations to Penman, Patrick, Adam, Janine, Dan, Rebecca and Sam. They were graceful enough to cheat just a little bit by having slightly too much expertise on the team (wink wink). This meant the other teams would feel slightly aggrieved and not at all dumb - very well played I thought. We sort of knew they would win anyhoo.

Coming second were "three idiots and an iphone" who despite their name were fantastically close, and as far as our ajudicators understood, didn't cheat by using an iphone...

The winner of the best team name ever is "are we there yeti?" which is clever and hilarious, yet so simple. Nice job! Sadly you win nothing for that.


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