Wednesday, 19 October 2011

guilt-free shopping

I found a great piece of bargain kit - an MP3 player that takes batteries. It's no easy feat to find one, but the 4gb Logik was only £12 - fantastic! Course there might not be anywhere to plug in a USB or plug, so this is perfect.

Harry has lent me a load of audio books too, so when I am tired of listening to music, or need something calming to drift off to lullaby-land, I have some Sherlock Holmes adventures...

I also accidentally popped into the perennial sale-a-licious Sports Direct and was charmed into some trekking trousers and a great rucksack that holds itself away from your hot sweaty back, so it doesnt get hot and sweaty. What a great guilt-free shopping trip!

only a thousand other things to beg, borrow, steal, buy.


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