Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week One - the training, planning and panicking begins

Rosie and I made the commitment to do this challenge on Monday this week. It took some time to persuade ourselves - Rosie is comfortable about the physical side of things but freaking out about the fundraising; I seem to be freaking out about the whole lot.

My mantra this week has been "everthing is going to be fine". big smile. new trousers please.
The trick has been to tell loads of people about it so we can't back out!

Started planning some events to make a good return - a cookbook idea and some supper clubs I think might be the best, and most interesting ways to get some good fundraising donations and not have to spend all our time on making the money.

Its clear that I need to spend a lot of time on getting in shape to make it up the hill, and not fall over when I'm there. It would be awful if the whole thing was a misery because I'm a lardy-pants.

So the next few weeks will see us both getting stuck in to food-related fundraising and training. Then in Feb - THE HILL.

Follow our progress and come and join in some of our events if you like. What an adventure!


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