Sunday, 12 February 2012

Today we spotted Everest

Hello from 3,400meters up, this may be our only blog post...sorry about typos!
We are in Namche Bazar - the 'town' of the region for 2 nights to help acclimatise.
So weve had a great couple of days, survived the landing at the worlds most dangerous airport. Much to my distress Chloe and I got put on separate planes, but after initial fear, i just looked out the window and the most incredible view of the Himalayas made it all worthwhile. The plane was a very old twin engine but it turned out to be a calm flight until the dramatic landing onto very short runway sloping up the mountain! i just closed my eyes.  We've had long days just 5 hours sleep in the first 2 days which was tough but we are walking slow to acclimatise, taking in scenery, village life, crossing lots of terrifyingly high wire bridges. Getting passed by small people carrying 5 sheets of ply wood on their backs...its been sunny and warm in the morning but quickly overcast in the afternoon and it gets very cold, nights are freezing.
For 2 nights here we have luxury en suite room with electric blankets!  woo hoo! Having a shower is still very painful as no heating. We are in a group of 22, people from n.ireland, scotland, wales...Liverpool, everyone cheery and chatty. Food has also been nice, lots of potatoes and cabage! So far no symptoms of the altutude although quite puffed most of the time. From now on it wil lget tougher as we get higher and accommodation and food more and more basic and somehow we will have to cope with it getting even colder...after having a good old grumble getting out of the sleeping bag this morning into a room so cold we could see our breath, we peaked out the window and the view was just breathtaking..reminding us why we are doing this...

P.s. can someone post this to mine and chloe's facebook pages? ta

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