Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Everest Base Camp conquered at 12.36pm 18 Feb

So we made it!  yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
It was pretty tough going! The night before our room had been minus 17, so a frosty start to say the least, but after 8 hours of walking, clambering over rocks and the glacier we made it.  It was a great feeling. Base Camp itself was a pretty low-key spot at the base of the glacier. There were no tents as out of season for the real climbers, there were just lots of lovely colourful prayer flags. Despite the cold we must have stayed there 40mins with everyone congratulating themselves, lots of photos etc. It was brilliant.
We've enjoyed the walk down. The weather has picked up and it has been lovely and sunny in the mornings, finally warming our bones again...it is good to see trees, animals and people again!
We are now in Namche Bazare which has internet, hot showers, proper toilets - bliss! We arrived today and had yak cheese sandwiches and chips, which made a welcomed change from the endless cabbage and potatoes.  I think there also may be a few celebratory beers consumed tonight now we are back in safe-ish altitude...
We have a couple of more days walking before we are back in Kathmandu and then flying home Saturday. Its been an amazing experience, one we wouldn't change for the world, but we will be happy to get home for some creature comforts...
Mum -  if you are reading this, please can i have a roast chicken dinner on Sunday??!!!

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