Thursday, 12 January 2012

time lord

It's a month to go - in fact, exactly 4 weeks today till we go, and I dont feel ready. despite giving good confident face to everyone who makes scared hissing noises at me when I tell them how soon it is.

I don't have sunglasses yet. I don't even know where to buy them, and I can't possibly go there without them as: a) I just won't look cool enough, and b) I'll probably go blind.

Rosie told me today there has been a rabies outbreak in Kathmandu 2 days ago, and I wasn't planning on innoculating myself against rabies - yuck.

Plus I can barely walk up the (7 flights) of stairs to my office without my thighs burning. This must mean I can't go. Right? I need six or seven more [weeks] [months] [years] to get ready.


and also, eeeeeeeeek


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