Friday, 27 January 2012

North Downs - the final chapter

Dan is finally going to meet Rosie tomorrow, as we head out for our final training hike in the North Downs before the trip in just a week and a half.

Our incredible training team: Jess, Alice and Will are coming too to make the sunny and cold day just perfect as we attempt at least 2, probably 3 laps of the long route around Box Hill.

I'm going to bring my headtorch in case the sun sets as we are still yomping, and get another day's practice in with the walking poles. Very excited, and pleased that where Dan and I started this training, we are finishing up on the same route tomorrow.

After this, I am going to suggest short and friendly stroll next Saturday through some South-East London Parks, ending up in a pub for a late lunch and celebration before Rosie and I head off mid-week. If anyone fancies joining in, please pop me a line! Definately more fun than training!


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