Monday, 14 November 2011

arghhh ?!?!!!?????!!!

While Rosie and I went for a long yomp across south-west London on Sunday afternoon with super-troopers Alice, Jo and Tim, it came to light that we are worried about completely different things for this trek.

Rosie read a chapter about trauma in her guidebook - all about falling off the mountain and breaking things and it freaked her out compltely, while I am not bothered - weird as I'm a recent ankle-sprain victim which knocked me out for months.

I cannot get over concerns about poop, getting sick and general toileting (what?! deal with it) which she thinks will just be dealt with in the normal course of things.

I guess what is nice it that neither of us can worry about acute mountain sickness, or worse conditions cause by altitude as you either get it or you don't and there's nothing anyone can do about most of it.

Ahh, thank goodness. we can all relax then.


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