Friday, 21 October 2011

Fighting fit

£6k in the bank by 24 November???  Chloe, you didn't tell me that!!?! Rats...
Today a trip to the physio has resulted in me finding out that I have a 'serious' problem with my right hip. Whilst standing in short shorts and a croptop in front of two male trainee students the physio said to me "has no one told you that you've been walking like a duck?", they all laughed, it was very embarrassing!
Have I been walking like a duck??
Anyway, the good news is that they think it is treatable. I have to do lots of lying-on-my-back-on-a-table exercises and if no improvement has been made by then they will need to re-align my hip manually. eeek! Finger's cross it wont come to that...
No running for me allowed, instead i'll be gyming it. They've instrusted me to use a Ramp Trainer, a machine a bit like a cross trainer, which gets ramped up(!) to make it feel like you are climbing up a steep hill. So far 20 mins of it feels like enough pain...and makes me realise how much training needs to be done in the next 3 and half months!
Tomorrow Chloe and I are off walking up Box Hill with family and friends. Looking forward to the cafe at the top! We'll let you know how we get on....

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