Wednesday, 7 September 2011

week four - marching marching!

I was taken up Box Hill (which sounds like a euphamism, but isn't) by colleague Dan on Monday after work. Happily he had pals Ben and Laura (recent Kili explorer) to keep him entertained as I wheezed and pulled myself up the steep steep steps and slippery slopes across the North Downs.

Set at their long-leggy pace, we zoomed at breakneck speed up and down for a good two and a half hours - Dan chuckling mirthfully as the sun went down and it quickly became pitch black and not a little bit scary.

Suddenly, looming out of the black night, a sleepy cow came into focus and slowly stood up, snorting, to face our wild torch-beams. Dan froze. "it can sense my fear" he said as he stiffly backed away and we reassessed our options.

What a shame, we had to cut back and take a less steep route back to the car park, and I missed out on the potential asthma attack of my life. Oh well.

It all seemed rather marvellous after a quick half in the pub before training it home and amost immediately falling asleep - the cow still in my thoughts - no doubt plaguing Dan's nightmares.


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  1. Hahaha! I love it! Keep on the good work Chloe... and keep updating this blog, it is brilliant!