Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Week Two - ginger beer and planning

Well hello...thanks to Chloe who has been busy getting this blogging show on the road. I have to confess my prep so far has been based on a lot of talk but as yet not so much action! But I'm about to change all that...
It's been a social couple of weeks and so a good opportunity to gather fundraising tips, test ideas on friends and badger people for recipes. The more I talk about it the more exciting it seems.
Chloe and I met after work today to sip ginger beers and make some plans. We've now got some dates in the diary for supper clubs and loads of recipe ideas. I think we are both feeling a little more organised.
I'd just bought a guide book to Trekking in the Himalaya so tried to sound a little bit more knowledgeable about what kind of kit we'll be needing etc, although on the bus ride home I scared myself by reading about trekkers knee, frostbite and the long section about altitude sickness...eek!
The best bit about the book is that it includes maps and a description of each day of the trek - snow peaks, diminishing hills and sparkling waterfalls-  I think this trip is going to be pretty amazing...

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